PLAB-CS-FUND Cyber Security Fundamentals

Information and Technology


20 Hours


Gain access to the skills and knowledge that you need to excel in your IT Career.


Transform yourself into a security-aware user by completing the Cyber Security Fundamentals live Practice Lab. This entry level title will give you an introduction to cyber security where you will practice essential skills so that you can feel confident and safe using computer and mobile devices. Develop your skills and understanding in security data, email, anti-virus and wireless devices. In this title you will also explore basic user administration, learn back-up and recovery of data, and practice safe social networking security concepts.


  • MODULE 1 | Introduction to Data Security
  • MODULE 2 | Configuring Endpoint Security
  • MODULE 3 | Common Threats to a Wireless Network
  • MODULE 4 | Configuring a Web Browser
  • MODULE 5 | Email Security Concepts
  • MODULE 6 | Securing Mobile Platforms
  • MODULE 7 | Securing The Cloud
  • MODULE 8 | Securing Network Connections
  • MODULE 9 | Using Data Destruction and Disposal Methods
  • MODULE 10 | Configuring File System Security
  • MODULE 11 | Administering User and Group Accounts
  • MODULE 12 | Securing Windows
  • MODULE 13 | Configuring and Running Windows Update
  • MODULE 14 | Configuring Firewall on Windows
  • MODULE 15 | Encryption
  • MODULE 16 | Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • MODULE 17 | Implementing Basic Disaster Prevention and Recovery Methods
  • MODULE 18 | Managing System Maintenance Tools
  • MODULE 19 | Social Networking Security
  • MODULE 20 | Instant Messaging Security

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