From the Desk of Our CEO

Aug 18, 2022, 2:04 pm,

Mid-Year mania has been in full swing and there are many notable achievements from the institutions we empower. I would like to focus on those by Lyceum Online.

Lyceum Advancement College was founded in 1917 to provide South African students with access to higher education. Renamed Lyceum College in 2003, the institution has been at the forefront of learning for decades. Through Lyceum Online, we uphold the goal of making higher education accessible for South African students, as first envisioned in 1917. We have come a long way in 105 years by empowering more than 800 000 graduates.

One of the first major changes we made at Lyceum Online was to begin providing students with the ability to complete their full qualifications online, a service previously not made available by many online institutions that solely provided online short courses. This decision has been a great success, as 75% of our new online student enrolment’s are now for full qualifications.

While Lyceum is 105 years old, our methods are far from outdated. Lyceum has taken a bold step toward the future by embracing technology, and tailoring the educational offerings provided, to satisfy our student’s online wants and needs. This is achieved through the engaging digital content created by a highly specialised team of educators that ensures learning remains accessible, engaging, and enjoyable online.

We take pride in our rich history but stay focused on a future as market leaders in online education.


David De Villiers, UNi4 Online CEO.

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